Master of Compliance
Small Home Pet

Chameleon is a Master of Compliance and also a home pet of one of our experts. Its ability to adapt to its environment inspired our idea to present our abilities to adapt to any legal requirements for any product in scope. 

Our expertise is to give assurance to our clients to be in compliance with any applicable law and regulation.

Its tale is in the form of a circle like our circle of products and services. The Chameleon’s colour spectrum and combination of colours also represent our expertise and services for various products. 

The Chameleon has panoramic vision and its eyes move independently of each other. Another great comparison with our ability of seeing a big picture over a project and giving an added value to our services.

Last but not least, and most important, the two snakes in our logo represent a trustful and strong connection with our customer. The Snake is taken from the symbol, the Rod of Asclepius, associated with medicine and health care.