Klemen Rojnik

Doctorate in Pharmacy
Medical and QA Manager

illev Pharma East has a highly educated and dedicated team of international experts with many years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry.

Klemen is Regulatory Affairs Manager and Medical Support Manager. His office responsibilities include clinical and preclinical work, pharmacovigilance activities, statistical analysis and pharmacoeconomic support at reimbursement applications. 

His work supports various medical projects and activities relating to clinical and bioequivalence studies. 

He also helps at various regulatory affairs activities.

He holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences where his thesis was in the field of pharmacoeconomics. His work experience so far has been particularly in the field of clinical research design and monitoring. Along with his statistical background, he has sufficient knowledge in analysing various clinical studies. 

He also offered expert support in various medical projects and was in charge for cost-effectiveness sections of reimbursement dossiers.

In his spare time, Klemen spends as much time as possible in various sport activities, with running being his primary passion. His main area of interest and free-time research are nutrition and physical activity and their relevance to healthy lifestyle.