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Our experts

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Peter De Mayo Billev

Peter de Mayo Billev

Owner & Managing Director

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Katja Pečjak

Katja Pečjak

Master of Pharmacy
Associate Director & EU QPPV

Alenka Dražumerič

Master of Regulatory Affairs
Director of Regulatory Affairs

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Jana Brajdih Čendak

Jana Brajdih Čendak

Medical Doctor
Medical Advisor & QPPV Deputy

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Barbara Kobal

Barbara Kobal

Master of Pharmacy
QP, RP &
Regulatory Affairs Manager

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Klemen Rojnik

Klemen Rojnik

Doctor of Pharmacy
Regulatory Affairs Manager
& Medical Support Manager

billev-pharma-east--about-us - Ana Kraigher Tkavc

Ana Kraigher Tkavc

Veterinarian Doctor
Regulatory Affairs Manager

billev-pharma-east--about-us -Nina-Evelina-Kersmanc

Nina Evelina Keršmanc

Master of Pharmacy
Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance Officer

billev-pharma-east--about-us - kameleon


Master of Compliance
Small Home Pet