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Ana Kraigher Tkavc

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Ana Kraigher Tkavc

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Regulatory Affairs Manager & Veterinary Deputy QPPV

Ana has been working as regulatory affairs manager for many years, started at Sandoz in 2005, and since 2015 at Billev Pharma East. She is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She started her career at Bayer Pharma as medical representative and afterwards she joined Lek Animal Health as researcher in Research and Development Department, where she was responsible for safety and efficacy part and for development of veterinary medicines. Later she joined regulatory affairs team in Development Center in Sandoz where she worked as regulatory affairs manager for human medicines and was awarded for her work also within development teams. She was also responsible regulatory manager for respiratory products, regional manager and RA/QA coordinator. 

Over the years she gained many experiences in regulatory affairs of human and veterinary medicinal products, regulatory strategies, project and launch management, planning and preparation of regulatory dossiers with Quality overall summaries for new applications and for variations for EU, US, CA, AU and rest of the world to obtain and maintain the life cycle of the products.

As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine she is also working in veterinary pharmacovigilance and is acting as Deputy QPPV.

In her spare time Ana likes to be with her family, especially being active in nature, running, mountain biking, windsurfing and backcountry skiing.