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Barbara Kobal

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Master of Pharmacy
QP, RP &
Regulatory Affairs Manager

During her business career as a master of pharmacy, Barbara has already worked in various fields of pharmacy.

She started her business career as a sales representative at Simpss, later worked in a pharmacy as a pharmacist and as a Head of pharmacy. Ten years ago she joined Sandoz as a regulatory affairs manager where she handled life cycle of the registration documentation of medicines for Slovenia. Then she moved to the quality department to gain additional knowledge on quality of medicinal products. She was responsible for the compliance of documentation and procedures in the Analytical Science and Technology Group (AS & T). She also gained knowledge from quality control in the analytical field. She participated in the group for the process of change control of DMF and CEP for ingredients and was also checking the compliance of ingredients for production. After gaining sufficient experience, she was appointed as the qualified person for batch release of medicines, including clinical trial batches, for​​all countries of this planet. As a qualified person for batch release and responsible person for GDP she was also entered into JAZMP register in the name of the company.

In Billev Pharma East she also covers the field of quality, good manufacturing practices and good distribution practices and acts as contract qualified person for batch release of medicines for other companies.

Her free time is dedicated to activities that include a healthy lifestyle. She also enjoys artistic creation where she finds inspiration and relaxation.