Vito Strasberger, MBA

Master's in Business Administration
IT Expert
Managing Director/Owner

illev Pharma East has a highly educated and dedicated team of international experts with many years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry.

Vito Strasberger has more than 25 years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and its complex environment.


He has held different positions and has witnessed the dramatic consequences that information technology has brought to the pharmaceutical industry.



He is especially knowledgeable in everything from the software development of bespoke systems required in the regulatory environment to managerial skills in developing and managing companies.

Vito is contributing managerial and digital technology skills in Billev Pharma East to enable its future growth and providing additional services related to the governance of the regulated information in digital format.

His passion is flying glider planes, and often compares coping with the unforgiving environment up in the air to the challenges in the management of a company in the complex business environment.