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25 January 2023

3Rs Working Party


Recently established 3Rs working party (3RsWP) will take over the activities of the former Joint CVMP/CHMP Working Group on the Application of the 3Rs in Regulatory Testing of Medicinal Products (J3RsWG). The 3RsWP is composed of 6 European experts nominated by CHMP and CVMP members (see ). It advises EMA committees on all matters concerning the use of animals in the regulatory testing of medicines, with particular focus on the application of the so-called 3Rs principles – replace, reduce and refine.


The 3Rs stand for:

  • replacing the use of animals with non-animal methods where possible;
  • reducing the number of animals to the minimum necessary to obtain scientifically valid results;
  • refining practices to minimise the stress and improve the welfare of study animals.


Billev Pharma East as a representative of EUCROF will be present at the annual stakeholders meeting with the newly formed 3RsWP which will be held on the 28th of February 2023.


At this meeting, the 3-year workplan of the newly created 3RsWP will be presented. In addition, representatives of the European associations are invited to propose 3Rs related topics for discussion with the 3RsWP.


Billev Pharma East will have a presentation with the title:

Adverse outcome pathways as a tool for developing, evaluating and putting in context data from non-animal methods.


Billev Pharma East is looking forward to the meeting.