13 February 2019

Billev Pharma East at the annual Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs Conference 2019

In January we attended the 12th Pharmacovigilance Conference and 18th Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference in London organized by European stakeholder association Medicines for Europe.

The pharmacovigilance conference gave us new perspective on the future of pharmacovigilance, the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in pharmacovigilance processes and also on how to adapt to the evolving environment. Billev Pharma East actively participated in this event with our medical advisor having the opportunity to chair one of the sessions.

The Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference covered some of the current and future regulatory challenges including Brexit, the upcoming changes of Environmental Risk Assessment, new Medical Device Regulation and the electronic product information.

Both events enabled our experts to share their thoughts and gain fresh regulatory and pharmacovigilance knowledge to be able to face the upcoming challenges in our daily work.