Sebastjan Reven

Doctorate in Pharmacy

illev Pharma East has a highly educated and dedicated team of international experts with many years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry.

Sebastjan holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and his thesis was in the field of pharmaceutical technology. His main responsibilities are the certification and release of medicinal products to the market (QP/RP) and ensuring that all aspects of the handling and distribution of pharmaceutical products comply with the requirements of the EU Good Manufacturing and Good Distribution Practice, relevant local regulatory and legislative requirements.

From his previous job experiences, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing of medical devices, including in the field of research and development, quality assurance, and batch release of medicinal products and medical devices in a global pharmaceutical company. 

In addition, he has a considerable knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical device regulation and legislation, as well as experience in supervision of the implementation of good practices and regulations in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Sebastjan prefers to spend his free time outdoors, hiking, trail running and backcountry skiing.