Katja Pečjak

M.Sc. Pharm.
Director BD, Sales and
Marketing & Owner

Katja has a Master’s in Pharmacy and has been in Pharmaceutical Industry for 20 years. She has a history as an entrepreneur within the life science industry, spanning multiple years of experience and she has been extensively involved in business development, regulatory strategies, telematics projects and leading the pharmacovigilance system. Having cultivated a diverse background across various sectors within the life science industry, she has acquired valuable insights into the consequential effects on pharmaceutical business processes and ability to define problems with practical solutions path in mind.

Katja embarked on a remarkable 15-year journey at Billev Pharma East, marked by dedication and leadership. Starting as an enthusiastic employee, hardworking, adaptable, and empathetic, she quickly stood out for leadership and problem-solving skills. Her journey at Billev Pharma East Ltd. started in September 2008, as a Director of Regulatory Affairs and EU QPPV. Presently, she is responsible for the business development within the company and empowering the team with a profound understanding of intricate pharmaceutical business processes.  

Her expertise has been sought when she was called upon to assume the role of Subject Matter Expert in the EMA ePI Pilot Project, representing the Pharmaceutical Industry perspective since July 2022.
She is a member of Medicines for Europe working groups (RSAC, Telematics), TOPRA and an ePI Topic Group Lead in IRISS Forum. She was a Member of the EMA eSubmission Change Control Board from the very beginning up until the implementation of the new EMA Telematics governance structure.

Then came a pivotal moment that would change the course of Katja’s career forever, the opportunity to take over the ownership of Billev Pharma East. Taking over the company ownership, Katja brought a fresh perspective while preserving the legacy of Billev Pharma East. Under her leadership, the company continued to thrive and grow, reaching new heights in both revenue and reputation. She implemented innovative strategies, expanded into new service portfolio, and strengthened relationships with stakeholders.

Through it all, Katja remained dedicated to the principles that had guided her throughout 15-year journey – integrity, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. She transformed from a dedicated employee into a ambitious leader and owner, setting an example for all who aspire to make their mark on the world through business.